Listen to ChillAUT.fmHow to listen to is currently available on the internet only. You need an Internetconnection and a device able to play MP3 - Streams.


PC (at Home, Office, ..)

At home and in the office you usually use a PC to play's Music. It is recommended to use the Flashplayer offered on the Homepage. Use the "play" button on the right. This will open a popup window and start playing

On mobile Devices

  • iPhone/iPad: Its recommended to use the free Shoutcast App. Please ensure the "allow high bit streams" option is activated in order to receive's 128kBit Stream in hight quality.
    Android: Some of our Listeners had good experience with the XiiaLive App.
  • Blackberry: Either you enter the stream URL manually ( or you use the free APP XiiaLive App.

You can find a List of Partners on offering Shoutcast Apps for many devices.

Home HiFi System/Webradio Device

Modern HiFi Systems offer the possibility to receive Webradiostreams, also the number of WLAN Webradio devices is increasing daily. To receive on such devices, please use the Streams URL

Please note that the usage of for commercial purpose is not allowed. In order to use ChillAUT.FM in commercial environments, plese This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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