Title: Summer Breeze Vol.2

Artist: Sunsphere

Label: Sine Music


Trance meets Chillout – Pop meets Ambient.

On the 30th of September 2011 Sine Music will be releasing the second album from 'Sunsphere' entitled 'Summer Breeze Vol.2'. This album will be available at all well-known download stores.
The man behind the Sunsphere project is Mario Ziegler from Schwerin, Germany, who has been a producer, DJ and songwriter for many years. His musical creations are many-sided and he has been greatly influenced by the Trance scene, something that cannot be overheard while listening to 'Summer Breeze Vol.2'. Many already know him as opener on the successful CD-compilation 'Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.5', with his track 'Beachwalk' which climbed high in many radio and download charts.
While listening to 'Summer Breeze Vol.2' you can actually feel the warm wind caressing your soul.
Wide spaces, catchy melodies, trancy sequences, moving arangements and enchanting beats invite the listener to dive into a world of sun, sand and sea. After a somewhat dissappointing summer this is just the right CD to help remember past hot summer months or the last mediterranean holiday.
So: start the CD, shut your eyes and drift off on the summer breeze.



  1. Beach Walk
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Sunset
  4. Come Home
  5. Skyline
  6. One Diving
  7. Close Your Eyes
  8. Water World
  9. Black Rainbow
  10. Rainbows
  11. Sandstorm
  12. Forever Love
  13. Closer
  14. Smile
  15. Dream Wave
  16. Good Morning
  17. Green Moon
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