Title: Time Travel

Artist: Boot Cut Rockers

Label: Sine Music


Boot Cut Rockers - Time Travel

On the 11th of November Sine Music will be releasing the album Time Travel by the Boot Cut Rockers which will be available in high-quality Digipak and as a digital download at well-known download stores.

bcr_guitar_4c_smallThe songs of the Boot Cut Rockers drift softly into the ear, sometimes with shrill synthesizer sounds meeting soft sampled tones, sometimes hard grooves combining with gentle surfaces – a universe of opposites. Music should initiate, inspire and interact – a fact that the producer, Nino Farra, knows very well and can skillfully implement.

The recent success story of the Boot Cut Rockers includes not only releases on international compilations such as IKEA, Klassikradio, Sony Music and Ministry of Sound but also many radio plays and TV-Videos which could be seen on HR or RLX.TV

The new album Time Travel is the result of a long odyssey offering both musically and contextually
interesting twists. This long player records impressive instants from the past years and takes the
listener on an acoustic time journey full of emotions.



  1. Blue Beach
  2. Your Love
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Deep in our heart
  5. So Beautiful
  6. Under The Stars
  7. Thru The Night
  8. Children Of The Sun
  9. New Horizons
  10. Love In Digital
  11. Nautilus
  12. Fear The Change
  13. When Comes The Rain
  14. Peace In My Mind
  15. Let Her Go
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